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Historic and picturesque, 150-acre Ivory Farm was established by John F. Ivory in the 1950s to promote his love of polo. Games were played in what is now the large front pasture spanning Cooley Lake Rd.  


In addition to polo, Ivory Farm has a long, robust history of Roman Riding.  Roman Riding was used as entertainment in the ancient Circus Maximus. John F. Ivory promoted this ancient form of riding as entertainment for his internationally famous polo games. Moving his precious horses, ponies, and people to Union Lake where other young riders joined up, Mr. Ivory began hosting scout troops and other groups. He also took his Roman Riders to parades, the State Fair, circuses, and company picnics. The riders not only learned to Roman Ride, Bareback Jump, and Drive the many pony hitches; they also learned hard work, long hours, much fun, and the precious skills of balance and timing. Taking their expertise gained at Ivory Farm, the Riders branched out into circus, rodeo, and horse shows as well as working at the thoroughbred race tracks. These highly-experienced riders rode with their feet on the backs of their well-trained horses and performed for audiences worldwide, to the amazement of many. 


In addition to its rich history in both Polo and Roman Riding, Ivory Farm was a beloved country getaway for thousands of school-aged children. These children not only learned to ride on one of the 90 ponies available to them but also had the opportunity to play and frolic in the grassy, open fields and swim in the private lake down by the beach house.


This beautiful country estate was purchased by its current owner 30 years ago and offers a quiet, private adult boarding facility with more than 35 acres of horse pasture.

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